Our History

In 2017 the Shady Trail Crime Watch Committee launched to work with the Dallas Police Department to reduce the amount of crime along Shady Trail between Northwest Highway and Walnut Hill. Interest grew quickly and in 2018 the group renamed itself the Northwest Dallas Crime Watch. Much was accomplished over two years as crime rates in the area decreased, as well as the growing interest in development within the geographic area, which runs from I35E to 635 to Marsh Lane to Northwest Highway. As a result, in 2019 the group rebranded and officially launched as the Northwest Dallas Business Association, a 501C-6 organization.


Our Purpose

Crime watch continues to be a major focus of the organization but also the development of the area as a major business and economic hub for North Texas. In addition, the NWDBA has its sights set on beautification projects, first responder support initiatives and charitable functions designed to help the schools and children within its geographic boundaries.

The NWDBA focuses on four primary pillars, we call them the four C’s which encompass:

  • Crime: Crime watch is in our DNA and is the first of the four pillars of the organization.
  • Commerce: The development and recruitment of quality businesses in our area is the second pillar
  • Community: Giving back, either through our schools supply or holiday toy drives, supporting our first responders, litter and pack clean ups, being a good partner is the third pillar
  • Compassion: Homelessness and human trafficking are two major issues around us and we look for thoughtful solutions to help those effected, using our hearts and minds to solve human issues is our fourth pillar

Our Members

10954 Shady Trail Office Building
Bhagat Holdings, LTD
Bolanz & Miller
Dynamic Commercial Real Estate
Eagle Haulers, LLC
ED Bell Investment Company
Garrett Boone
Moneygram Sovver Park
Palladium USA
Parker University
Riva Dallas Stemmons
Shady Trail Business Condominium Association
Southwell Business Condominiums
Wiley Brothers

Join US

The NWDBA membership meets on the third Thursday of each month from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM where we feature a crime watch update, featured speaker and of course a complimentary lunch! For a complete schedule of activities follow us on facebook.

The Northwest Dallas Business Association is supported solely by its membership dues and sponsorship of various events. To get involved, email us or downlaod the application below.

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